Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial



Dr Kang and her fabulous staff are absolutely amazing!  Not only do we go to them for outstanding dental care but for their personalities and kindness as well.  Coming from a dental background, I know great quality dental care and Dr Kang’s office is superb.  We highly recommend their office to anyone, any age.  I look forward to seeing their staff every six months and have a peace of mind knowing our teeth are taken care of!

Kat and Dale, Snohomish WA



My husband was having some major problems with his teeth, so we found a dentist close by our home that he went to see. After x-rays of his mouth and an oral exam the doctor said that all his teeth had to go. Well that didn’t work for my husband, so he asked for a referral to another doctor in the area, and Dr. Teresa Kang was recommended. Needless to say she saved a good majority of his teeth and even made them look a hundred percent better than they looked. The procedures took several hours over a few appointments and I must say there was no discomfort at all for him. I decided to go to her to have my teeth cleaned. I had absolutely no discomfort as well. She even recommended that I see a dermatologist for some spots on my face she was concerned about; which turned out to be pre cancer cells. They are extremely friendly, compassionate and professional. I would recommend her highly to any of my friends and family.

Jacqueline, Kirkland, Wa.

Dr. Kang and staff are very professional and caring. They all treated me like I was apart of their family. I am very grateful for the wonderful care they provided to me. After 40 years of smoking and several attempts to quit, I am happy to say that I have finally quit thanks to Dr. Kang. She was very informative about the problems that could arise if I didn’t stop and results of smoking if I continued. She really made me realize that it was very important to keep my teeth healthy to have overall great health. She showed me that she really cared about me as a person and was very encouraging. I am truly appreciative of the care and concern she showed me. I would highly recommend her as a dentist! Thank you Dr. Kang and staff for all the great care I’ve received at your office.

Fely, Seattle

I switched dentists because of work and was a little nervous. I was impressed with how thorough Dr. Teresa Kang was. From the beginning I was told what I was getting done and even while she was cleaning my teeth she was educating me which is hard to find these days. Get ready to learn about your teeth like I did! Smiling Face emoticon It’s amazing to know how by changing little things in your daily routine can make such a big difference on your teeth like drinking some water after having  coffee/tea to help prevent stains. I for one hate teeth pain and my appointments have been pain free. She was excellent in cleaning my teeth and even removed white spots on my teeth with Icon that kept coming back after being removed from previous dentists. She’s my dentist now and I recommend her !
Harpreet, Renton

Thank you for your excellent work – my teeth are beautiful. I appreciate your sensitivity to my comfort during my appointments.
Naomi, Kirkland

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