3 Ways to Brush Up on Your Dental Habits

Hi Friends,

So I had a meeting with my friends the other day on important dental habits since it is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Here are 3 big dental habits to practice:

1. Never Skip Flossing
The best part about flossing is it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after brushing, as long as it gets done! Flossing scrapes away the plaque that builds up on our teeth throughout the day and prevents cavities from forming.
2. Don’t Forget Your Tongue
Nobody likes bad breath! Bad breath is caused by a buildup of bacteria on your tongue, so when you brush your teeth don’t forget to go ahead and give your tongue a brush too!
3. Get Enough Calcium
Calcium is an important mineral for your teeth. Not only does it keep your teeth strong and healthy, but it also helps keep your gums healthy too!
One more quick tip, don’t forget the 2×2 rule! Brush for 2 minutes at a time, 2 times per day.

Smile Away,
Dr. Kang and Team